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My ever expanding pee fetish
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Friday, December 23rd, 2005
8:01 pm
New story
Alright, it's cold here, so I thought I'd write a story about summer and camping. It's still in the rough stages but enjoy!

It was the last weekend before we had to go back to school. My boyfriend and I had gone up north with a couple of his friends and a couple of mine. Somehow, one of my exes had also ended up coming with us, which was a little weird and annoying, but what can you do... we still got along but he irritated me. That night, both our first and our last night up there, we decided to build a bonfire and drink and talk. Beer floated freely and everyone was just using the woods nearby to piss. I had seen a lot of cocks pissing that night, as well as a lot of pussies, and I was highly turned on but not ready to excuse myself just yet. It was a lot of fun.

By 1 am or so, most of the group had gone to bed, and the only ones left near the fire were me, my boyfriend, his younger brother, a good friend of mine (also male), and the dreaded ex. We were all starting to get bored but none of us were ready to go to sleep yet. My boy threw another log in the fire, causing it to spark and go high, and we all watched. I finally said "ok boys... we're not tired yet, but we are bored, so let's liven things up a little!" My ex looked at me critically (he was always so damn critical) and said "how?" My boy, knowing my fetish fully well, and also how much I'd love to torture my ex a little, and said "have you guys ever done a piss holding contest?" I knew it was perfect - my ex was small bladdered, while my current boy, his brother and my friend all had decent sized ones. In addition, beer was still flowing, which made it all the more challenging. My ex, naturally, rolled his eyes and said "what for?" My boy looked him square in the eye and said "to see whos a REAL man". I giggled a little, my pussy was already on fire and this wasn't helping, but it was fun. My ex said "how does this work exactly?" My boy's brother replied "you drink up, and see who can go the longest without pissing... my bro and I used to do this all the time, it's fun." My ex rolled his eyes but agreed to give it a try.

The boys all agreed to participate, but agreed to first start out empty, and so we all trekked to the woods to pee. I wasn't part of the contest due to my having the biggest disadvantage, and I got to watch. I squatted in my own corner while the boys took the other side to leak, which of course I spied on. We made our ways back to the campfire, and then my friend said "wait a minute... what's the reward for holding the longest? I wanna know I'm gonna get something out of this" My boy looked at me and grinned, "the lady should decide". Rolling my own eyes at being called "a lady" (anyone who knows me knows fully well I am NO lady!), I said "only the person who wins can piss in privacy in the woods. Everyone else has to let go right next to the firepit, in full view of all of us". This worked very well for me - I would get turned on, and get to watch my small bladdered ex suffer. Very nice... My friend said "ok thats good... but we need another incentive." I finally said "ok... the winner gets a free make out session with yours truly". I knew I had them right where I wanted them, especially my ex... little did they know I already knew who would win the contest...

We took our seats again, with me leaning on my boy, and each already slightly tipsy one took another can of beer. The rule was, each had to drink at least 1 full bottle of beer, and then drink proportionally according to their own tolerance, enough to get them very buzzed. I watched the chugging begin, knowing very well that it would be all too soon before that beer was begging to leave their bodies. I had a hand between my legs, but not because I had to pee - I was already so turned on I was fingering myself discreetly through my pants. Eventually, the beers were downed, and all of us sat around staring at the roaring fire. My boy picked up another two sticks and threw them on to make them last, then picked up another beer and started downing it. His brother, another strong bladdered one, did the same, as did my friend. Reluctantly, my ex reached for a bottle too.

A little while passed. My boy and his brother were both on their fourth beers and showing no visible signs of either drunkenness or needing to pee (good ole Italian genes!). My friend was on his third drink and was squirming a little, but other than that looked ok. My ex was also on his third, and was starting to show some obvious discomfort. His legs were crossed, and his brow was sweaty. Grinning to myself, I helped myself to a second bottle (hey, I wasn't in the contest and didn't want to have to get up to pee, lest I miss any action, so I was pacing myself) and watched the action unfold. My ex finished his beer and doubled over slightly with a wince, giving an obvious sign of a bladder spasm. My friend finished off his drink, and leaned back on the log he was sitting on, trying to get comfortable. His hand discreetly crept to where his penis was and held it, which I obviously noticed. My boy and his brother, meanwhile, polished off their fourth beers and both reached for a fifth. My boy's brother said "ok, this is my last one now". My boy said "yeah... most likely same for me. How about you two?" My ex said "no more for me, I'm good now". My friend said "yeah... I'll have another one, why not." Grinning, my boy passed him another beer.

Watching my ex, I was excited for two reasons - one it was hot watching his struggle, and two, I loved getting a little revenge. Getting up and stretching, I said "guys, I have to pee, but I don't want to miss anything. Since I'm surely going to be watching some of you go, would you all be bothered if I just went right here?" My boy said "sure, that would be fine", his brother just nodded and said "whatever", my friend rolled his eyes and laughed a little, and my ex nodded uncomfortably. Very turned on and pleased with the control I now had, and knowing that watching me would make them worse, especially my ex, I turned slightly, and undid my jeans. I slowly lowered them, and then my underwear, giving all the boys in front of me a good clear view of my bush. I lowered myself to squat position, and after a second or two, let out my own hissy pee on the ground right there. I slowed it down to a trickle to prolong it and further torture them, especially my ex who now crossed his legs tightly and was openly holding himself. I pushed out the last few drops, then drip dried and pulled myself together. My friend, now drunk, said "that was kinda hot sister". I grinned and sat down next to my boy again, who whispered to me "yeah... I'm hard now, which means I can't piss, so thanks!" I whispered back, "glad to be of service".

By now, three out of four boys were drinking water, trying to ease their acute drunkenness. Only my ex was not touching any. I said to him "why don't you have some water" and tantalizingly passed him a bottle. Reluctantly, he took it, opened it up, and took a small sip. I laughed to myself as I knew he was losing the battle. He drank a bit more, then he stood up and announced "fuck it... I lose, I can't hold it anymore". His fly came down and out came his penis, which I now realized was so small compared to my current boy's... no sooner was it out of his pants then the piss came flying out in almost all directions. I shielded myself from it as he moaned in pure ecstacy at an emptying bladder. The sand on the ground beneath him was turning to mud as he emptied. It was a relatively short pee (yes I was timing), clocking in at just under 12 seconds, but it was hard. He looked much happier now, even as I looked him and said "oh well, no making out for you!" He said "too fucking bad... I didn't want to burst!" My boy winked at me as I leaned back, relieved that at least I didn't have to make out with my weak bladdered ex.

My friend by now was also bent over, with a hand on his crotch, and was moaning. Finally he said "goddammit I have to piss like a fuckin racehorse!" My boy said "are you giving up?" My friend replied "no... I can hold some more... I ain't a sissy". I rolled my eyes knowing full well that he wasn't going to hold out much longer, given the state he was currently in. He kept moaning and whining "I have to peeee... I have to pisssss... it huuurts... I've never had to go sooo bad... I can't hold it!" At this point, more than an hour and a half had passed, and I knew from previous experiences that my friend could not hold out much longer. My boy and his bro were starting to squirm a little, but other than that, were showing no signs of desperation.

Finally, my friend jumped up and yelled "holy shit... I'm pissing myself!" Sure enough, a spot had started to form on his jeans. He just yanked them down and stood there naked from the waist down as he pissed a river around the fireplace. The ground by now was completely muddy from where both him and my ex had pissed. My boy, his bro and I were now laughing as he relieved himself. My friend finished his 30 second piss, now moaning with relief, then pulled up his pants and sat back down again to watch the rest of the action unfold. My bro's brother now had a hand on his crotch, obviously worsened by what he had just witnessed, and was starting to sweat. Meanwhile, my ex had been up and down to the nearby woods at least 8 times since his loss, his seal completely broken now.

I got up again and said "sorry boys... small bladder" then crouched down and let out another stream of pee right there in front of them. The ground was completely muddied now save for a few spots. My boy's brother couldn't take it anymore and said "ok bro... you win this one..." before whipping out his own decent sized penis and pissing a giant river around where he stood. He let out his own sigh of relief and said "phew... glad that's done with". My boy stood up and I said "ok hun... go use the bushes." He grinned and said "fuck that... aint no way I'm gonna make it." Out came his luscious, long dick, and he aimed for the fire. His stream was so strong the fire went out instantly before he pissed a 45 second straight stream. My ex went for piss number 10 right in front of all of us, letting loose another cutting stream, and my friend just yanked down his fly and went also. I was unbelievably turned on by now, with all these desperate boys pissing around me, that I simply stared in awe. My boy finished and said "alright... guess I win the makeout session!" I leaned over and planted one on him, then whispered in his ear "take me to the tent or I'll fuck you right here". He put his arm around me, called "goodnight everyone" over his shoulder, to which they responded "goodnite... thanks for the challenge!" and we headed toward our own tent, where we proceeded to have quite possibly the most amazing sex ever... what a night!
...And what a fantasy this is!

Friday, December 2nd, 2005
11:14 pm
Another story about my beautiful Italian man
He groaned upon realizing it was 10 pm. This Friday night, he had been in the library studying for his crazy days of exams. He had forgotten that on Fridays, until a week before exams, the library closed at 10. Now, a librarian was near him, announcing that everyone had to clear out in 5 minutes. He was exhausted and stressed, but he had to go home. He packed up his laptop and put it in his bag, closed it, then packed up his schoolbag, put on his jacket and started walking out of the library.

Upon leaving, a blast of cold air hit him hard. He winced, but not just from that - the cold caused his bladder to contract and gave him a strong urge to pee. He had had to go for a bit now, but he had ignored his rapidly filling bladder at the expense of getting his work done. Toward the end, he had forgotten his growing urge to piss as he had become immersed in his end-of-semester work. Now, though, walking out into the cold and heading home, his urge had found him again, and was stronger than ever. He was desperate.

Making his way toward the bus stop, he checked the schedule, only to discover that he had just missed the bus that runs every half hour, and had 25 minutes to go. Wincing, he rubbed his now swelling stomach as he contemplated either waiting or walking. Deciding to walk, he figured he would get home faster and relief would be in sight. He began to head in the direction of his home.

Walking more rapidly now, his bladder continued to fill and fill, the walls becoming rapidly overstretched. His lower body, stomach, lower back and nether regions were all aching with the effort of keeping his flood of fullness back. Despite his discomfort, his kidneys were still pumping, and he was getting fuller and fuller. Cursing, he stopped and undid the top button of his jeans, hoping to give his bladder more room and to ease the pressure a little. He felt a little better as his bladder had more space to expand, but the cold made his urge worse. Cursing again, he tried to keep walking, stopping every so often to grab his crotch discreetly and ease his pain a little.

He was 10 minutes from his house now. Ohhhh, he was hurting. His crotch was starting to go numb, but his back and stomach still ached. His stomach was now swollen out, and the pain was making him dizzy. He couldn't hold on much longer, much less 10 minutes, a good deal of piss was now descending into his tube and was ready to be let out. He stopped again, and this time grabbed his stomach and bent forward, just barely keeping back all that was trying to escape his tortured body. "WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T I STOP FOR A PISS BEFORE LEAVING!" he thought to himself. He was beyond desperate now, and had had to stop walking completely to hold his tortured dick.

He started walking now, more slowly, hoping to come to his house. Suddenly, he stopped and grabbed his crotch - the piss in his tube had started to leak out and into his boxers. He grabbed his crotch and tried to stop it as it descended out of him, which was futile. Finally, he managed to get a hold of himself, and kept walking. Unfortunately, instead of bringing relief, the leaking had the opposite effect - his bladder had just filled more, and he couldn't hold on much now. His sphincter was weakened and he knew it was only a matter of time before his bladder gave out on him. He was determined to get home before that happened.

Finally, he started to feel better - his house was in sight of him. The sight of that was too much for his bladder to bare - he started to pee right into his boxers and jeans again. Moaning at the relief, he ran around the side of his house, deciding he would have to pee there and risk getting caught rather than soaking his jeans. His distended bladder couldn't hold any more of the fluid that was multiplying in there, and he needed to release now. He managed to wrench down his zipper, move his boxers aside and get his penis out. He held the end, keeping the piss back, and aimed it for the wall.

The piss that was inside of him FLEW out now. He started peeing harder than he could even imagine, his bladder finally draining. Little leaks turned into a flood as he moaned and sighed with immense relief. Slowly, his crotch, back and stomach were aching less, and his bladder felt good. His tip went numb from such intense peeing as he emptied. It took 2 and a half minutes before his hard pissing turned into a trickle, and eventually slowed down and stopped completely. He felt so good... and he was now hard from it all. Entering his house, he decided to have some fun with himself before going to bed and resting for another busy day of studying...
*author's note*: I am so horny and I have to pee. I'm holding myself between the legs now. Let's see what happens...

Monday, November 28th, 2005
8:38 pm
Peeing measurements
So I always thought I had the littlest bladder in the world, so tiny I couldn't possibly fill 1 cup, or 250 ml, with its contents. Boy was I wrong... tonight, after listening to some sounds, drinking a ton of water and looking at some pics (all while supposed to be writing a paper... riiiiiight), I was writhing around in my computer chair in desperation, holding my peehole shut and leaking some. I finally decided I had to measure it (my parents were out so this was an optimal time) so I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a 1 cup measuring cup. Fully not expecting to fill it, I got into the tub (which was empty) and put the cub directly between my legs. I waited... and pee started coming out. As it came... and came... and came... the cup filled. When I was finally done, with a few squirts to boot, I was pleasantly and sensually shocked... the cup was full! It was not only at the 1 cup line, it was way past it! I had been that full, and to me that's a goal accomplished. I look forward now to building up my capacity - my goal now is to hold (and fill) a 1 liter bottle. I know I can do it but wish me luck!
EDIT: The colour! It was bright yellow and sooo hot. I need to masturbate now...
Saturday, November 26th, 2005
12:10 am
Monday, November 21st, 2005
5:31 pm
Gym communal shower pissing
I was at the gym today, doing my workout and drinking plenty of water when I had to pee. Now, I'm the type of person who, once I'm in the locker room, likes to be DONE her workout before I leave, and I hate to take bathroom breaks while I work out because it disrupts the flow of things. So for practical purposes (as well as the fact that it turned me on slightly), I held on till I was done. By the time I did my cool-down and stretches, I was leaking tiny amounts, but not enough to be noticeable. I left the gym quickly, still drinking water, and releasing little drops in my panties. Once in the lockerroom, I made sure there were people around, reached down and casually shut off my valve, not allowing any piss already in the tube to release. I was rushing now because I was REALLY full. I got naked (which freaked out some people in the women's locker room for some reason!) and into a towel and flip flops, all the while twisting my legs to keep my piss in. I got into the shower, got naked again, put my towel down and turned on the water. Now, we have communal showers in our gym's locker room (it's a school gym and they're too cheap to fix them) so anyone could have walked in at any point, but unfortunately no one did. As soon as the water was on, my bladder could not hold on. I got into position, did a half-squat (it would have been physically impossible for me to do a full squat after working out) and let the piss out slowly. I pissed for about 30 seconds, and oh, I felt so much better. I lathered up and rinsed off my body and then my pussy... and no sooner was I done that then due to all the water I had consumed, my bladder was full again. So, I did another half-squat and pissed lightly again. I felt MUCH better. I rinsed my pussy with my hand and some water again, turned off the water and walked out. Once I came out, a girl saw I was nearly naked and ran away... I don't get this fear of nudity, but anyway... so ends today's pissing explorations.

Edited to add that the idea of someone stepping in my piss once they got in the shower and I was done was incredibly hot.

Sunday, November 20th, 2005
1:31 am
Drunkenness is fun
I'm very tipsy right now, bordering on drunk, and despite pissing many times tonight (one was almost a minute long! a record for me!) my bladder is full again. I'm rather tired so I don't know how much playing I will do tonight (unlike last night when I was full of energy) but I will definitely hold on as long as possible - long pisses are the most pleasurable and are actually the least painful for me.
Have a good night, may your bladders be full and pleasurably painful, and may you hopefully all find someone to play with soon. ;)
Friday, November 18th, 2005
11:27 pm
So where we left off... oh yah... I had to piss pretty fucking bad myself. I'm not in a flare these days (though I do have some urethral pain these days) so I figured it was safe to hold it a bit longer. I reached down into my pants and felt my swollen belly underneath my clothes. I finally got up from the computer, and almost immediately upon standing, pee rushed out and into my own tube. A few drops were starting to leak out I HAD TO GET TO THE BATHROOM, I WAS DYING. I reached down, to the top of my pants, and used my hand to shut my peehole.

I had to go to my room first, to get a towel to hang up, so I went in, grabbed the towel and then rushed the bathroom. Once in there, I shut the door and immediately drank some water from the tap, because I was thirsty and also wanted to torture myself more.

I removed my pants and shoes (I'm in PJ's so no undies) and got into the tub. I was already to piss and relieve my aching bladder when I realized I had not locked the door, and since I was playing a game I didn't want to risk interruption.

I grabbed my bare skin between my legs and clamped my peehole shut again, even though it was becoming futile, and reached up with my other hand and locked the door (I have a hook and eye lock). I went back to the sink and drank a few more drops of water, enjoying the torture my body was undergoing, and pushing myself to the real limit. I got back into the tub, still holding myself, and stood straight with my shirt up.

Ready to pee now, I finally removed my hand, and spread my legs. Pee immediately began trickling out, and then flowed freely, as it was extremely happy to escape. Then to torture myself further, I forced my muscles to clamp shut, but my sphincters were beyond caring, and pee continued trickling out, though not as rapidly as before. I continued to clamp my muscles and then used my fist in the area, and I stopped pissing. But, oh did I ever need to go.

The pee was trapped in my tube now - it could not continue going down. I was getting dizzy with pain from the extreme urge to pee. My urethra was throbbing and my bladder was pulsing with how full it was. I slowly removed my hand, and as I smoothed my hairs away and looked at my peehole, it quivered with the extreme effort of holding.

I got ready to pee again, and although some very tiny drops had leaked out, the rest of my pee stubbornly was now staying in. It had probably gotten used to the idea now, and did not want to come out. It hurt sooo bad and was so erotic all at once.

I finally squatted down, holding onto to the edge of the tub for balance, and relaxed my muscles as much as humanly possible. The pee that was already in my tube came out immediately, splattering in the tub beneath me. No sooner was that out of me, then the rest of my bladder began to empty.

I stopped pissing again, but that only lasted about 5 seconds - I could not hold on anymore, even with my hand once again finding its way to my crotch. I gave up and let the rest flow out. I was shocked when I realized how much I had been holding - with this lovely condition, I often feel I have to pee more than I really do, but tonight, this was not the case. The pee just did not stop coming out.

It came and came, coming through my tube and out, more and more of it... the relief was incredible. The puddle beneath me was growing and also spreading out, literally filling the tub. I still had to go though, and more was coming. It stopped, and I thought I was done, so I stood up... and more came!

As I stood, more piss came out, very rapidly. Some splattered on my legs, but most hit the tub. When standing I discovered that when I had squatted, the liquid had come out of me so hard that it had splattered against the bathtub wall and some drops were now on the floor in front of the tub. This excited me. I was still going before I trickled out and finally stopped.

I stood there, still naked and looked down. My pussy was dripping, and the puddle was huge. In all, I had pissed about 40-45 seconds, possibly my longest piss ever. I also have retention problems, and I had emptied out so well this time, I thought there was nothing left in me. My bladder felt incredibly relieved.

I stood enjoying for a moment, then took the facecloth that was in the tub already, and used that both to wipe my pussy and the puddle up. It took me a good bit of time to wipe everything up, as there was a ton of piss there. I got out, and no sooner than I was out of the tub did I notice that there was in fact a bit of urine still in me. I sat on the toilet naked and let the rest trickle down and out of me. I wiped, put my pants back on and flushed.

I wiped the bathtub some more (I hadn't gotten all of the piss my first time), washed my hands and moisturized them as well. I unlocked the door and left the bathroom, when I discovered that my father had taken the computer hostage while I played. I asked him how long he was going to be (this is his computer after all) and he told me 5 minutes. I was horny now, turned on by my game and my endless pissing, and so I went into my room.

Once in there, I started massaging my breasts and rubbing my crotch through my pajama pants. I sat down on my bed and then lay back, and rubbed myself to orgasm. Now I'm about to do that again because I feel unsatisfied... comments are appreciated.

10:53 pm
Another story
My inspiration is running dry these days (no pun intended) but I still feel a need to fantasize. Here is another one, starring a female and a male:

They were both drunk and stumbling home from the club. No parks around, just endless streets. They had had a great time, dancing and having fun with friends, and were about to head back to his place for some more fun on their own. They had been together about six months and were really starting to get serious. She was 5"3, brown hair, green eyed, and slightly overweight but not fat. He was tall, lean, dark-haired, mysterious and Italian.

They were nearing his place when he suddenly stopped and grabbed his crotch. She laughed and said "what, you horny or something? Hold on a bit we're almost there!" He said "no... I just REALLY have to piss. Like, soooo bad you have no idea. I forgot to pee while we were there and before we left. I think I have gallons in me right now and it's trying to escape." She nodded in sympathy - she had to pee pretty bad too. Although she gone at the club a few times, the alcohol she had had was working its way through her system pretty rapidly, and her small bladder had filled while they were walking. She could feel it now, expanding to capacity. She rubbed his back and said "hold on, we'll get there soon. Just take small steps and squeeze, you'll be ok."

They continued to walk, more slowly now as he fought to hold on. He stopped, undid his jeans, and moaned and said "it hurts sooo bad, I can't keep my jeans done up, owwww I have to piss." She took his hand and said "come on, standing here whining won't help, you have to MOVE." She had to pee really badly now, her three bottles of Smirnoff moving down her tubes rapidly. "Come on, I have to go too, it won't do either of us any good if we both stand here and piss ourselves."

They continued limping, he still openly holding himself, and finally reached the front door of his basement apartment, where he said "can you get out my keys? Back pocket. I can't let go of my crotch now or I'll piss myself in a second." She managed to get his keys out and unlocked the door. They both managed to walk in, and then he felt it - piss was starting to drip out of him. He said "I'm pissing myself now..." She shoved him as hard as she could without hurting him and said "GO TO THE BATHROOM. I'll sit on the toilet, you'll stand and go between my legs. Now GO." He moaned and said "my bladder HURTS. It HURTS. Do you understand that I am in PAIN." She snapped back "YES. I am too. Having to piss hurts I KNOW. But you have to MOVE." Her own urge had made her irritable now, all she wanted was a toilet.

She got him into the bathroom and didn't even bother closing the door. The second they entered, her skirt was hitched up and her panties were pushed down - she was ready to pee. She got to the toilet and stood over it, and before she could even sit down on it, her pee reached the top of her short tubing and started to explode out of her and splash hard against the toilet water. She sat down as it continuously flowed out of her. Ohhhh the relief... she was moaning and beyond caring at who was watching her as her overly filled bladder squirted and emptied itself out. Pain disappeared as pleasure took hold in her small body.

Watching her became utterly too much for him, and his body lost its battle to hold on, and his piss descended out his tube. He was now peeing fairly steadily into his boxers and jeans. He got his fly down and positioned himself, while piss continued to spurt out of his overextended and tired bladder. Some of it splashed on her legs, but she was so busy emptying herself she barely noticed. He managed to aim and two pee streams became one, splashing happily into the toilet. He threw his head back, eyes closed and moaned as his burning urge ended. His bladder, being far bigger than hers, took awhile to empty out. Four shots and five Molson dries finally had the opportunity to leave his body.

Meanwhile, her bladder finally emptied itself completely, but she remained sitting, legs spread and skirt up, on the porcelain toilet. While basking in the joy of an empty bladder, she began to realize a sexual pleasure she had not previously experienced. Sure enough, his piss stream had found her clit and was spraying directly on it now. Her body began writhing in pleasure, and she reached down in the middle of his stream and touched herself between her spread legs. Her body writhed in pleasure as the combination of his piss and her hands caused her to begin orgasming. She did not notice the piss now drying on her legs, his wet jeans or anything else, all she felt was pure sexual pleasure.

As he felt immense pleasure from a bladder that was now halfway empty, and as what felt like gallons of golden liquid continued to steadily leave his body, she felt the pleasure of an engorged clit and a soaking wet pussy.

He continued to piss right on her pleasure centre, and she came, causing the toilet bowl to shake with her immense pleasure. He was STILL pissing after nearly a minute, and as she watched him, his strong gushing started to slow down and became a steady trickle. His bladder was about a quarter full and was gearing up for its final emptying. She was totally relaxed now, post-orgasm with an empty bladder, though she knew with its size it would fill again soon. His stream trickled to its last few drops, and then a final push of urine came out before he stopped pissing.

He was so grateful for an end to his pain that he nearly fell over, but he caught himself and opened his eyes and looked at her. He smiled shyly and said "sorry about snapping... I had to piss sooooooo bad... it hurt worse than anything I've ever fault...my whole lower body was aching, front and back.. I didn't think I would make it... I shouldn't have taken it out on you though." She said "its ok... I've been where you were believe me... I'm sorry too but I needed the bathroom pretty bad myself, and I didn't want either of us to wet ourselves in the street" He nodded and said "yeah... my boxers are wet though." She said "oh well... that's what laundry is for."

Just then, he looked down and spotted the droplets of pee that remained on her thighs. "Holy shit, did I do that or did you piss yourself too." She laughed and said "no... that was all you... you also did something else too." He looked worried for a second and asked "what?!". She laughed again and said "well... you sorta made me cum..." He looked confused and she laughed again and said "your piss stream ended up directly on my sensitive spot... it was so intense that I started touching myself and I came in about 30 seconds flat. You didn't even notice and just stood there, pissing away." He looked even more confused and exclaimed "No way! I made you cum and I didn't even know?!"

She was giggling uncontrollably now and through her laughter she gasped "yeah... oh I have something to tell you... I'm incredibly turned on by piss... like REALLY... watching you need to go in and of itself was a turn on, and when you hit my sensitive spot... WOW." He started chuckling himself and said "you're into piss? That's so weird... so am I." He didn't know if it was the alcohol making him talk or what, but he found the fact that they had this in common hysterically funny at that moment. They were still laughing as she wiped, got off the bowl and flushed their combined yellow liquid away.

She removed her panties, but smoothed out her skirt and said "you know... it was really cold out... a nice hot shower would be good right now." He nodded his agreement and stripped off his clothes right away before reaching into the shower to turn it on. She had seen him naked before, they had slept together once already, but he looked exceptionally hot now. She rubbed his back a bit as he messed with the water, then she took off her own clothing and began to feel even colder. The combination of that and the water rushing from the tap caused her bladder to send out urgent signals that it was full again. Still, she held on, keeping her legs together, which was turning her on. Finally, he had the water at the right temperature and they both climbed in.

The drops of piss in her bladder had, by this point, multiplied by the thousands into what felt like gallons of hot liquid trying to force its way out. She had balled her hand into a fist and was using that on her quivering pisshole to keep it all in.

He glanced in her direction, chuckled and said "why are you trying to hold on now... you can just go." She said "this excites me... it's turning me on even when I hurt." Her back was starting to ache from the effort, and her muscles were so exhausted from holding she thought they would give out any second.

Finally, she got under the water with him - and that was it. Pee immediately began escaping out of tight peehole and around her hand. She let go, spread her legs and let it explode out of her again. She moaned in sheer ecstacy, but stopped herself midway, then began her old game - she let a little out, stopped, and let a little more out. Her muscles were so tired at this point... *author's note: I have to piss REALLY bad now, my typing may get bad...* and eventually, even when she was stopping herself, pee continued trickling out. She cupped her hand in a ball again and jammed it against her peehole, making herself stop completely. The pee that was in her tube stopped its descent, causing waves of pain and ecstacy to course through her nether regions.

He just stood there and watched, incredibly turned on by this game. Finally, her voluntary sphincter gave out completely, as she had exhausted it and it could no longer hold anything, and her involuntary muscles took over. Pee escaped out of her tube and around her fist, and she gave up her holding game and let what was left over flow out of her. Legs spread, she let the flood come out in the form of a puddle that was rapidly whisked away by the running shower water.

He could tell which one was her piss stream as it was a dark yellow from the alcohol, and it turned him on so much he thought his balls would burst from the need. She emptied out finally, and then leaned up and kissed him, her pussy still dripping. They began making out, then took a break to soap up and so that she could rinse her piss soaked pussy.

By the end of their time in the shower, his overtired bladder had filled again, and his urge was urgent. Before she got out he said "hold on... you had your turn, I wanna try this game now, I gotta go." He started to piss, letting some out, stopping and then letting more out. His muscles actually tired out faster than hers did, and even with his hand on his now very hard cock, trying to clamp down, piss was coming out without a break.

The pleasure of emptying out his full bladder in front of this sexy girl who shared his fetish made him want to put his cock inside of her right then and there. He emptied, turned off the water and watched his puddle slowly go down the drain. They got out, toweled off and headed to the bedroom for more play...

*author's note: My bladder is hurting now from needing to go, especially since I was interrupted by a phone call and was determined to finish my story before I went to take my own major leak. I am now going to go squat/stand in my empty bathtub and try out the game from the story - it really is a lot of fun to see how long I can hold for before my muscles give up and do what they want. Hope you all got off from my writing.*

Sunday, November 13th, 2005
1:30 am
Some random fantasies
So remember my drunken friend? Well, in my fantasy, he sobers up by drinking tons of water and waiting it out, and then driving me home... Oh, and he's newly single, but we are not actually dating... yet. I do hope it happens though...

When we finally left the school bar, it was almost 3 a.m. David had been completely drunk, but was now sobering up and very tired. The plan was for him to get me home as quickly as possible, then he would drive home and hopefully pass out. I knew he was able to drive so this was not an issue, but I wanted to get home fast and I knew he wanted to sleep. We walked out together in silence. Outside it was cold and lightly raining, but otherwise it was a pretty nice night. I asked him "where are you parked?" He said "just up the street." I said "ohhhh... nice!" as parking spots near our downtown campus were rare and hard to come by. He just nodded and we walked to the car.

He got in the driver's seat, I got in the passenger seat, and we closed the doors. We did up our seatbelts and then he put the keys in the ignition, got the car started, and then we were moving. We drove down the street and started heading in the direction of my house. We were both quiet as we were totally exhausted.

About five minutes or so into the fifteen-minute drive, I heard him mutter "shit..." I said "whats wrong?" He said "nothing... I should have gone to the bathroom before we left. I have to pee really bad now." I nodded in sympathy, as I was all too familiar with the urgent need to pee that drinking creates, and I knew the water couldn't be helping. Fortunately for me, I had remembered to pee before leaving, so despite my small damaged bladder and the drinks I had had, I figured I would be OK until I got home, provided there were no unexpected stops along the way. I said "well if you can't make it home, you can always come in my place and use my bathroom when you drop me off." He nodded and said "I may have no choice." I said "its fine". He nodded again, looking a little more relaxed, and continued driving.

Not even two minutes later, I felt the car jerk and watched him wince hard. I looked at him questioningly and he said "sorry... its worse than I thought. It's starting to hurt." He rubbed his stomach a little and I could see it swelling slightly, like it would with a filling bladder. I said "pull over... you can't drive like this." He said "where?!" I said "ok... there's a park coming up... drive a bit more and pull over there. There's a lot of cover so if you can't keep driving, you'll use a tree or something." The thought of this excited me, his desperation was already a turn on, and if he could empty himself in front of me... on the other hand, I was also a bit worried about my safety, being in a car with someone who was that desperate and would likely need his hand soon to stop the piss from coming out.

We drove another few blocks. He was starting to sweat now and looked visibly uncomfortable. "Dammit... this hurts..." I said "hold on... we're almost there." I wanted to rub his back but since we weren't dating I didn't know if it would be appropriate. We finally got to the park and I said "ok... pull up in front of it and get out of the car... you can pee behind a tree, I'll stand guard." He managed to get the car to a stop and immediately undid his seatbelt. He was sweating profusely now and I could tell he was in pain. The effort was also making him even more tired.

I said "ok... you have to get out of the car now and just get to the first tree, I'm here watching out for you, now go." He said "there's a problem... it's already in my tube... if I get out of the car, as soon as I stand up I'll piss myself on the spot... fuckin booze, works its way through your system way too fast." I said "use one hand on your dick and get out as fast as possible."

He was already uncrossing and crossing his legs rapidly, trying to fight off a bladder that was likely fuller than it had been in awhile. He said "I can't... I already leaked some... and man, this fucking HURTS so bad... my whole stomach and back are aching." I said "ok... I'll help you... you can't sit here and soak your seat can you. This is your mom's car isn't it." Upon realizing what I was saying, he said "ok... help me." A tear was sliding down his cheek and he was clutching his penis by now. "Fuck... it HURTS... I can't hold it... I'm gonna rip right open... FUCK". I said "breathe..." and leaned over, careful not to touch him in case it hurt more, and opened his door.

I felt really bad for him, knowing how much it hurts. My bladder, lovely and small as it is, had filled itself by now, and I needed to go too, but I could hold it. I was concentrating on helping him now.

He was scrunched up now, both hands on his penis, fighting his body which just wanted to let go, sweating and crying a little. I said "ok... now we're both gonna get out... you first... I'll help you... just hold your dick and stand up slowly, I'll be right there to give you a hand."

I had taken his keys out of the ignition now and was ready to go do what I needed to do to alleviate his pain... and maybe I would be turned on, but that was hardly top priority with him in tears. His predicament was certainly exciting, but I hated to see him struggle too.

He said "its coming out a little now... and it hurts... fuck its HURTING... my bladder is gonna burst... it's bursting... owwwww my bladder... owwwwwwwwww!" I had to be firm and say "get out the f'ing car David, and GO".

He shakily stood up, then as I turned to get out, I heard him say "fuck... it's too late..." I said "what?!" and looked over. He said, eerily calmly, "I'm fucking pissing..." and then louder, "I can't believe this... I'm fucking PISSING! FUCK!"

As I stared, he took his hands away from his jeans, and as I watched, a puddle began to form on the front of them. I said "ohhh crap... well at least it's not in the car..."

He started trying to walk, and had regrasped his penis and was still trying to hold on, and I got out of the car and came to his side and said "stop trying to walk, and stop trying to hold on... just let it out, you'll make it more obvious and worse by trying to do anything else."

He was crying silently now, and he was still pissing hard... his jeans were now completely soaked. He kept on muttering "fuck... fuck... FUCK" as his jeans grew wetter.

By now, watching him had made the alcohol drops in my bladder multiply, and I had to pee badly myself. I put my hand on my crotch to stop the burning and then said "don't worry about it... I won't tell anyone... just let it go." He was crying and said "I can't fucking sit in my car in these jeans!" I said "don't worry... just pee and stop worrying."

I couldn't believe the volume that came out of him, although I should have suspected it, as he was a male with a rather large bladder. Both legs of his jeans were soaked, and a medium sized puddle was on the ground beneath him. He was still pissing and pissing, and crying.

I leaned over and started rubbing his lower back and said "its ok... just keep going... you can't stop it now anyway." He said "how fuckin embarrassing... I'm 22... I haven't pissed myself since I was fucking 5 and now THIS. I'm not surprised if you think less of me." I said "oh no honey... come on... alcohol does this to people... and you had all that water too... I'm not thinking less of you."

What he was also not aware of was, along with the tightening in my own bladder, I was also immensely turned on at that moment. The best part (or worst part for him) was that he was still pissing. After all, he had had five or six beers and a few glasses of water that night, and had maybe been to the bathroom once, so all that liquid was now pouring out of him. I wasn't wearing a watch, but I guessed about a minute had gone by, and he was still pissing. It had slowed down to a less strong flow, but was still coming out of him. The puddle on the ground had become much larger, and his jeans were now stuck to him from the liquid.</ P>

He had stopped sweating and was crying less, and there was relief on his face mixed with the embarrasment. Finally, it trickled off and eventually stopped. I said "are you ok?" and continued to rub his back. He said "well... the pain died off... but I'm fucking SOAKED like a little kid, and totally humiliated." I said "don't worry... I'm not judging you... it happens to a lot of people... I won't tell anyone though."

I was extremely turned on by now, and I had to pee pretty bad too, but kept both of these to myself. He said "yeah... but I can't fuckin drive in this... my car will get soaked." I said "you don't have a towel to sit on?" He said "yeah... maybe in the truck, but fuck, I pissed my pants in front of you, I'm so sorry, I can't believe it..." I said "ok... you have to stop stressing about this. It happened, it's over now. Stop stressing."

He still looked embarrassed and I said "ok... I have an idea that might make you feel better... I have to pee too, would you want me to do it in front of you? I won't go in my pants because you probably don't have 2 towels, and these pants require dry cleaning, but I'll squat in front of you. Will that help?" He said "it might..." I said "well either that or I squat alone, because if I get back in your car, guarantee we will have another wetting incident."

I like to take charge but still give options, and he usually accepts this. He said "ok... well I have no shame left so you might as well just squat here." I said "ok... not on the street though... what happened to you was an accident, if a cop passes by and I'm squatting that's illegal and I don't wanna get a ticket here." He said "true... first tree then?" I said "yeah... that works."

I gave him his keys and he locked the car, as it was 3 a.m. and it wasn't safe not to. We walked to the first tree, and I said "ok... I'm gonna do it now."

I pulled down my pants and underwear and squatted. At first, despite my now urgency, it wouldn't come, as I had an audience and am not used to peeing squatting. I said "don't worry... it's gonna come... I'm getting to the point of no return."

Sure enough, about ten seconds later, the pee in me reached the top of my tube and began its short descent. As he stood there, wet jeans and all, some piss began to trickle out of my hole. It picked up momentum and began to pour out quickly, like it does when I sit on the toilet and empty myself for pratical purposes. It was over in about 20 seconds, a relatively short time, but I wasn't nearly as desperate as he was, and I'm smaller. I didn't even bother with wiping, I drip-dried and stood up. There was a smaller puddle on the ground in front of me. I would have rather added to his puddle, but there was no way I could have gone on the street, with cops everywhere it would have been too obvious what I was doing.

I said "do you feel better now? I pretty much humiliated myself in front of you... does that help?" He simply nodded and said "yeah... that was kinda hot..." I said "hot? You find pissing hot?" He said "not usually... but you're cute, so it was a pleasure." I blushed slightly (I was blushing at this but not at pissing in front of him!) and said "ok you... I think you're still a little drunk... let's go." He said "not so fast... I already have to piss AGAIN, bloody alcohol, and my muscles hurt so fuck holding it." I said, in a slightly teasing tone "well... you should just go then... why the hell not, you have no shame left!"

He unzipped his pants, pulled out his shapely penis, and began to sprinkle his golden liquid on my puddle. The puddle nearly doubled in size with his volume on it. I was now unbelievably turned on and just wanted to fuck him, but it was too soon after his breakup, and I'm still a virgin, so one thing at a time here...

He finished his piss, looking quite satisfied, zipped up and said "ok... I'm dryer now... I should find a towel though just in case." We went back to his car and he opened his trunk and searched it. Finding a small beach towel, he said "this should do..." and brought it to the front of the car. We both got in, he put the towel down and then sat on it. His jeans were drying but were still obviously stained, and he had a slight piss smell on him. I said "when you get home you should get changed right away or you'll get a nasty infection from that." He said "yeah..." and then we drove home. When we got to my place I gave him the traditional two-cheek kiss and said "goodnight you..." He said "goodnight..." and we stared at each other and then smiled, before I turned and climbed out of the car. I walked up to my house as he waited for me to get in, and then he drove away.

I got in, by now having to piss AGAIN (good old booze!), but not desperate. I got into my bathroom, then took my clothes off. Horny as all hell, I drank some more water, filling my bladder more. It was starting to ache, but I got into the tub and started to play with my tits, replaying the night's events. I got out of the tub and consumed more water, my belly and back now hurting with the fullness, me re-enacting a sample of what David had experienced that night. My belly was swelling, thanks to my damned condition and my fullness, and I began to slowly finger myself as the urge intensified. I did this slowly, and could actually feel my bladder expanding through my folds as the water mixed with the liquor to fill it up. I came slowly and leisurely, and as I did, I felt the piss ready to crawl out, and I leaned over and consumed even more water. With a finger still inside me, feeling sedated, I spread my legs and began to piss slowly. It wanted to all come out at once, but I forced it out burst by burst, before giving in and letting the rest out. As it gathered in a puddle at my feet, I stood there, naked, and watched it. I then got ready for bed, satiated after an immense turn on from the day's events. As I went to sleep, I fantasized more about David, and hoped for more pissing adventures with him in the future...

NOTE: I've realized lately that my stories are kind of similar to each other. I'm trying to vary them, but my fantasies are relatively stable, and as I have no experience, I'm going on fantasies only. I hope you still enjoy reading them as I enjoy writing them.

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Friday, November 11th, 2005
1:11 am
Peeing fantasies of a friend
Just a quick one before I head off to bed -
One of my friends (who I have a little crush on - not the one from the previous story though) was drunk off his ass tonight, and I know that he will be pissing like mad later. I have a little fantasy going where he soaks his pants, but don't feel like writing it out. At the same time, I've also been drunk tonight and am still peeing out everything (beer pisses are the most incredibly satisfying thing ever). Everytime I piss I think of him, and I'm turned on now, so I will be dragging out the rabbit later for some solo fun. ;)
Goodnight all!
Saturday, October 29th, 2005
12:14 am
Chapter 2
This is a follow-up to the story I wrote last night, about the guy whose bladder tortured him all through an exam, resulting in a near-accident, a wet wall and a 3-minute long and highly pleasurable piss...

After being more relieved than he had been in ages, he headed out of the university's building to go home. He had just written his last exam, and his mind finally off the contents of his bladder, he was beginning to look forward to an end-of-school party one of his friends who worked in a nightclub was throwing that night at his workplace. Lots of drinking (he could finally think about alcohol now without his bladder bitching at him!), pretty women and great music.

As he hated taking the subway for its stuffiness and claustrophobia-inducement, he decided to head to the bus and take that home. He got to the stop and checked the schedule, noting that the bus was coming in 8 minutes. "Perfect" he thought to himself. His plan was to go home, nap, take a shower and head out around 10 or so. He stood in line and waited with everyone else. As he was waiting, he could actually feel his bladder starting to fill up slowly again... what he hadn't realized was that his muscles had been weakened by his previous holding, and he was going to have a much more difficult time...

When the bus came, he boarded along with everyone else and took a seat in the back. He sat in his usual stance - a little slouched, with his legs slightly open, just open enough so he didn't brush anyone sitting next to him with them. He was a nice guy like that. The bus filled up and started moving slowly up the big hill it took. All the tea remaining in his system had started to travel through his kidneys and into his bladder, causing it to feel even more. By the time the bus reached the top of the hill where it turned, with about 20 minutes or so left in his ride home, his bladder was full, but nowhere near as bad as it had been after that horrendous exam. He just figured if he could hold on through all that, he could hold on until he got home pretty easily. He was sorely mistaken...

The bus began to descend down the hill, leaving 10 minutes left in his ride home. Each bump sent shrieks through his bladder, which by now, weakened as it was, was also filled to capacity again. He had closed his legs by now and was gripping the edge of his seat, hoping once again against all hope that no one noticed his predicament. 5 minutes before the end of his ride home, and he was sweating again. His muscles, so weakened by the holding on they had continuously had to do, were ready to give out. Finally, it was one stop before his.

Just then, the bus went over a huge bump in the ride. His bladder yelped, sending pain throughout his body. After the pain stopped, he realized, to his horror, that the bump had caused him, for the second time that day, to start peeing freely into his jeans. Grimacing, he reached down, attempting to look casual, and quickly grabbed his penis, shutting off the valve. It stopped flowing, but there was so much pee trapped in his tube, he thought it would burst free any second. He rang for his stop, which was coming up next, and thought "ok a 5 minute walk home, and then I can finally pee... this is ridiculous, I'm peeing more than I did when I was little!" His muscles had their own mind though - they were ready to let it all out. He limped off the bus, in pain worse than even before when he had ended up peeing for 3 minutes before.

Now to get to his house, he had 2 options - cut through the park, which took slightly longer, or just walk through the main streets and get home quicker. He had a new idea, desperate as he was, to cut through the park and just pee behind one of the bushes. Kids did it all the time on the way home from school, he reckoned, so why couldn't he? Besides, it was either going to be that, or he would piss his pants in broad daylight on the street in front of everyone. There was no way, regardless of which route he took, that he was going to be able to hold it till he got home, when some had already leaked out and had actually made his urge worse. He was thisclose to just letting it go and peeing all over himself, entirely dying for relief, but he had too much pride for that and wanted to empty out in relative privacy.

He walked, no limped, into the park. By this time, his muscles had totally given way, and he was peeing little drips into his boxers, his body unable to hold on. His back was aching from the urge and the energy it took to hold on, and despite the peeing into his boxers, his bladder was still filling with the tea that remained in him. His problem now was finding a decent tree. It was after school, and there were a decent number of kids in the park. Finally, he spotted one with relatively decent cover, and limped toward it with his legs tightly squeezed together. He was helpless at this point to stop the leaks, but he figured he could at least prevent a total soaking of his jeans by going behind this tree, so off he went.

Once safely behind the tree, he held his penis tightly with one hand, temporarily stopping the leaking, and used his other hand to struggle to get his fly down and his boxers aside. He yanked out his long, fat, luscious penis, which had started leaking again slightly, and was just about to position himself, when suddenly... two kids went by, yelling and screaming, causing him to shove his penis back in. He wasn't about to expose himself to a bunch of kids after all. The sheer shock of it caused more pee to come out, directly into his boxers. It had picked up momentum and had gone from leaks to a steady flow of urine. He felt momentarily relieved and embarrassed, and knew he had to get his pants down fast or he was going to have to walk home with a huge wet stain on his pants.

He finally forced himself to stop peeing, still leaking slightly, but at least not soaking himself. He got his penis out again and aimed. No sooner had he done so then he exploded once again. Oh, the relief was tremendous! He peed steadily, his urethra going numb from having gone so much and so long, the only thing he could feel was his bladder emptying. Ohhhh it felt wonderful. He emptied out faster than he had before, as his muscles were so weak that less urine felt like more, so his total piss time was less than a minute. When his flow trickled down to a few drops and then stopped, he felt so empty and relieved, he did up his pants and promptly fell to his knees, thanking heavens and anyone else that his bladder was empty. His boxers were completely ruined by now, and his jeans were much wetter than they were before, but oh, his bladder was empty, and that was all that mattered to him right now.

Getting up, and wiping the dirt off his jeans, he felt his urethra and bladder stinging, the first signs of damage from too much holding. His muscles were exhausted and could not hold much. He just wanted to get home and rest now, and hoped his body would recover in time for the parties that night. He also wanted easy and immediate access to a toilet, which his home provided, so another incident such as these ones could be avoided. He walked home, jeans stiffening and boxers ruined...

There's more coming, this by the way is the guy I've been secretly in love with for over 4 years now (and yes, the girl in the previous story is based on me). I have loads of fantasies involving him, his penis and his bladder (both of which I imagine to be huge) and some starring me. More later...
Friday, October 28th, 2005
12:27 am
Long time no update
I have a new story here...more later.

He was making his way through the crowds of the school. He was tall, dark, Italian, and quite handsome. He had been working out, and becoming more and more muscular each day. He appeared very casual as he moved, gently maneuvering through the crowds of students congregating in the halls, either studying for finals, or talking before or after them. He tried to appear casual... despite the fact that underneath his clothes, he had a secret...

His bladder was currently filled well beyond capacity. It was actually throbbing underneath his tight jeans. You see, he had just finished an exam, and had been especially anxious about this one. That morning, to calm his anxiety and to wake him up a bit after a night of studying, he had consumed two very full cups of black, strong tea. He had gone to the bathroom just before the exam, but due to a fear of running late and anxiety about the complicated business exam, he had had trouble emptying himself, only managing to get out half of what was likely a rapidly filling bladder, in short, small bursts of liquid. His urge was not bad for the first two hours, and being a big guy with a fairly large bladder, he had managed to ignore the urge of his continuously filling bladder and concentrate on the business formulas in front of him. The last hour, though, was nothing short of torturous. His bladder had filled with lots of tea at that point, and as caffeine also irritates the lining of the bladder and makes it contract more often, his urge to piss was becoming unbearable...

He had spent a good 45 minutes crossing and uncrossing his legs, trying to concentrate on his very hard test, as what felt like gallons of liquid tried to escape his body. He had looked down at one point, and could just faintly make out the outline of his bladder bulging under his skin. This scared him but he had to finish his test.

He had just barely managed to keep it all in, and finish his exam (which hadn't been as bad as he had thought, but was still pretty hard) and had had an exceptionally difficult time standing up and walking to the front of the room to hand it in, get back his ID card and sign out. He had an incredible urge to cross his legs or grab himself to keep from having an accident in front of everyone, but knew that would make his predicament way too obvious, so he didn't. He managed to get his bag from the front of the room (bending over to pick it up was excruciatingly painful, given his state) and walk out of the room. There was another problem - the only men's room close by was still on the other end of the hall. As he walked, trying to keep casual, he was starting to sweat with the effort of holding it. As girls turned to stare at his obviously good looks and cool, confident demeanour, all he could think of was "g-ddammit man, you're not in grade school anymore. You have a bladder that is bigger than all of your friends' combined, and you can hold it. You're almost at the bathroom anyway. Just a couple of more steps." All he could think about was peeing, his exam results were no longer a concern, he had to get the burning liquid out of him and FAST. Unfortunately, he was about to face another obstacle...

As he rounded the corner toward the bathroom, relief now in sight, his body began to relax, so he had to work even harder to hold it in until he reached the bathroom. Then he saw her, a girl he had been friends with for years. She had once been attracted to him, which had nearly destroyed their friendship, but that had been long since forgotten and they had repaired their relationship and become close friends. He had to say hello to her, it would have been rude not to. He waved and she smiled brightly and said "Hi! How was your exam?" With his bladder stretched to capacity and still filling (how did two cups of tea manage to create so much liquid he wondered) he smiled back, a little strained and said "hey, not bad, ready for your next one?" She smiled and said "yah... in 5 minutes.. better get to the bathroom before it starts! You know me and my damn small bladder". He said "yeah..." but at the mention of the words "bathroom" and "bladder", his urge seemed to multiply by hundreds. He nodded and said "yeah I know... well I gotta go too, kinda, so you go and I'll go myself." He hated to talk about his bodily functions and admit how badly he really needed to go, but he had to get into that bathroom - he HAD to, or he was gonna piss his pants there and then. She said "ah... understandable... well talk to you later!" and she headed off toward the ladies room on the other side.

He managed to get to the bathroom door, by now in absolute agony with how much pee he was holding onto, when he realized to his horror - after seeing the bathroom door, his body, in a conditioned response, had relaxed and he had peed a little in his boxers. He hadn't wet his pants since second grade, when a cruel teacher had refused him permission to leave for the bathroom, and he had wet himself in pain in front of the whole class. He wasn't going to allow that humiliation to happen to him again. Shoving the bathroom door open, he immediately headed toward the urinals, relief from this incredible pain finally in sight, when he stopped - the urinals were all taken by either nervous pre-exam students, or those just coming from exams getting their own relief from long hours, nerves and caffeine. Wincing, he headed toward a stall. He hated using those, they were so dirty, but he was so desperate to piss he didn't care where he did it. He stopped walking and grimaced - pee was steadily dripping out as he walked. He had no ability to hold on anymore, his muscles had given way.

Once in a stall, all privacy needs forgotten, he left the door swinging open and finally was able to clamp a hand on his penis, closing off the valve and not allowing any more urine to escape. He was sweating with the sheer effort of fighting a losing battle, his piss and bladder muscles doing what they wanted, and the piss coming out. With his free hand, he just barely managed to get his fly undone and his boxers moved aside. Pee was actually escaping around his hand. The volume in him was unbelievable.
As soon as he let go and managed to aim, the piss flew out in a long arc. It splattered against the water with sheer force of volume. Some of it even reverberated off the water and splattered on the wall above, but he was beyond caring, his relief was so tremendous. He was peeing harder than he had since he was drunk the previous summer and had used a bush on his way home, and he had been holding nowhere near as much as he was now. This time, though, the echo off the water made it even louder and harder, so everyone in that bathroom knew how desperate he had been, but he didn't care. The relief was WONDERFUL. The piss just kept coming and coming. 20 seconds... 30... 40... he showed no signs of stopping, his bladder still felt so full. He couldn't believe he had managed to keep this all inside of him, he thought for sure he did not have the capacity, even with a bladder of his size, but he had. It kept coming and coming.
A minute went by and he was still peeing. New men replaced the other ones at the urinals, peeing for what felt like eternity to them, and still he peed on, not noticing. His stream became less hard, but it was still coming and coming, and showed no signs of stopping, even after a minute and a half. All the tea, now multiplied, was exploding out of him, and he had never felt better. He was safe in that stall, letting his pee out. Rivers of gold came pouring out of him, and he was completely relaxed. After two minutes, his stream died off to a trickle, but it kept on coming. After two and a half minutes this was still going on. Finally, after nearly three minutes of consistent strong pissing, he stopped, panting with sheer relief. Then, his bladder felt full again, so his face went slack and he peed for another 30 seconds. Finally, he was done, and he felt so empty, he couldn't believe it. He stood there for another 10 seconds, just basking in the incredible relief and the sheer pleasure. It was almost... sexual in nature.

He then pulled the stall door closed, now able to take the time for that, and surveyed the damage. His boxers had a large yellow spot in them, and he had some pretty small but obvious patches on his jeans, but they weren't soaked, and they would likely dry by the time he left the building to head home. He drip-dried, pulled up his pants, flushed the toilet (which he had effectively filled to the top of the brim!) and opened the stall door and walked out. He paused at the sink to rinse his hands, then opened the door and headed toward the building's escalator, feeling relaxed and able to head home in comfort.

Meanwhile, somewhere in an exam room, a girl walked in. She had just peed in a public bathroom stall, and was sitting down, but her mind was not on her exam. It was on the tall dark male she knew, who she had just seen walking out of the men's room after nearly 3 minutes. She was horny now, picturing him peeing...her exam was no longer of any importance...

Saturday, September 24th, 2005
1:55 am
Solo fun
I had some solo peeing fun tonight.
I was sitting on my computer, chatting away to my friend and doing some things online, when I started having to pee. I deliberately held it in, savouring the fullness of my bladder (but not the pain that comes with my condition). I nevertheless continued drinking water. I reached the point where my bladder was sending urgent signals and felt like it was going to explode at any second. I'm not into peeing my pants because I live at home with my parents and it's just too messy, but I did want to experiment a little. I calmly told my friend I had to go "wash up" and entered the bathroom. When I entered the bathroom, my bladder must have known it was near a toilet, because the signals became much more urgent, and the pee was literally dying to come out, to the point where I could feel it piling up at the top of my urethra, begging for release. Nevertheless, I held on some more as I washed my face, brushed my teeth and thought about what I was going to do with that wonderful liquid. An idea came to me - I would let it out in the bathtub, without any water running, standing up. When I was done washing up, my bladder was telling me that if I didn't allow it to release, it would do it on its own. I still held on with all my resolve, and took off my shoes and pants, and got in the tub. I spread my legs and as I massaged my breasts, I held on till the last second. The pee was right at the top of my urethra, it had to come out, I could not hold on anymore, the pain was getting to be excruciating. I relaxed my muscles and waited. I'm very toilet-trained, so it took a few seconds in this new position, but then it started. I looked down, saw it come out slowly, then literally explode right out of me. I usually have a very low capacity, but I had held on for so long that there was a decent amount inside of me, and with all the water I had consumed, there was more liquid than I had expected. It came rushing out of me, my bladder so happy to be emptied. I emptied out in about 15 seconds, and it formed a glorious puddle at my feet. Some of it sprayed on my legs and feet as well. Ohhhh that release felt so good... it was orgasmic. I nearly came then and there but wanted to save up for later on. I had had to go sooo badly, I had felt like I was going to have an accident... and when that urine splattered out on that bathmat, and formed that puddle, and was finally out of me... the best part was, usually after I have to pee badly I have bladder pain for a bit afterwards due to my condition, and sometimes a bit of retention. In this position, though, I emptied out totally, and NO PAIN. It felt just wonderful. When I finally finished peeing, I breathed a relieved sigh, then used the facecloth in the tub to wipe myself up and clean up the tub to hide the evidence. I then flushed the toilet to make it seem like I had gone in there so no one would be any the wiser. I *love* that feeling of desperation and I *love* letting it out.... ahhhhhhh...
(As I write this, I'm starting to get the urge again. This time, I will fill up again, then go sit on the toilet, legs spread wide - another position that alleviates pain - and touch my stream - and myself - as I let it go in short, little bursts, to prolong the release. When I am empty, I will come and savour the feeling. But I don't have to go badly enough yet, only a little, so I'm still holding on).
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UPDATE: I filled up on water again, and my bladder is full, but my legs are crossed tightly and I'm holding it, just holding it... I have to peeeee like you wouldn't believe now. I LOVE it. I don't have so much pain because I'm full on water which is non-acidic, and the feeling is strangely erotic. It's starting to make its way to the top of my urethra again.. l-rd do I have to peeee. Ohmyg-ddddd, it's reaaaally bad. Soooo urgent... it's gonna come out any second now. I'm going to let it out slowly, torture myself a little on the toilet... I'm waiting at least another 5 minutes, then I'm going... it hurts a little now, I'm very full... I have to pisssssss oh l-rd. It's gonna come out... ahhhh... I'm holding it... I'm holding it... I'm drinking more water...it just went straight to my bladder... that tiny sip seems to have filled me with gallons of liquid... I have to pee sooo incredibly badly... ok I can't hold it... I'm going now...
EDIT AGAIN: I peed in the toilet, I tried to do it in little bursts, but that caused me to retain, so I let it all out. Unfortunately, I couldn't enjoy it fully, because I ended up retaining fully and am now flaring and in pain. I'm going to pee again soon (normally, no games) then go to bed and hopefully I won't be in pain tomorrow. :(

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Sunday, June 26th, 2005
9:19 pm
Downtown with a friend
*New inspiration*
I have a friend, lets call him David. He has a girlfriend, let's call her Michelle. I've always had a little crush on David and a fascination with him peeing, ever since I heard him pissing loudly, hard and for a long time at a school bathroom. The story below is 100% fictional, and is just a fantasy as of now...
* * *
David and Sarah were walking around downtown. They both had a long break between classes at the university and were bored silly, and were just walking aimlessly. They had wandered up to the north-east end of downtown, away from the busy streets, near the slope of the mountain. They had sat down on a public bench and were drinking water and talking. Sarah had noticed David starting to get a bit fidgety - he had crossed and uncrossed his legs, and looked slightly uncomfortable. Sarah figured he had been sitting for too long, and thought nothing of it. She looked at him and suggested "want to walk around a bit more?" He said "sure" and they got up and started walking. He was taking smaller steps now, walking with his legs more tightly together. Sarah asked him "are you ok?" He said "I'm fine... let's keep walking." So they continued, ending up in a part of town neither of them had been to before, where there were no stores and hardly any cars, just a lot of trees and sidewalk. All of a sudden, David stopped walking and crossed his legs hard. That's when it hit Sarah - David had to pee! Quite badly too, judging by the way he was walking and holding himself up. Sarah found herself a bit turned on by this, although she knew she could never act on her feelings, as David loved his girlfriend, Michelle. Sarah quietly asked David "do you have to use the bathroom or something?" David nodded, bit his lip and said "yeah, I've had to go awhile now, but there doesn't seem to be anywhere to go around here. I thought I could hold it but it's getting harder and we're nowhere near any of the restaurants or anything." Sarah, despite her fantasies, was sympathetic, since she herself had a small bladder and had often been in situations like this, desperate to go with no choice but to hold on. Fortunately, she had remembered to empty her bladder fully before leaving the school, and had only consumed half a bottle of water, so she wasn't feeling any real urge to go. David, on the other hand, had not gone to the bathroom before they left, and had drunk almost a full bottle of water, plus two cups of coffee that morning, all of which were now rapidly moving through his system and filling his bladder. His lower body was starting to ache with the liquid that was overfilling his bladder, and he could hardly walk with the pain. Sarah told him "there may not be a store around here, but there's a few trees. If you want, I can stand guard while you pee behind one, and I'll make sure you're not seen." David replied "Thanks but I have a hard time going in public. Don't know why, most guys don't, but it's weird for me, and I might not be able to get it out easily." Sarah replied "If you're desperate enough, it will come out. Just try. You're in pain, it's worth a shot." David nodded and said "ok, but can we find a tree not so close to the road? Knowing my luck, just when I'm about to start pissing, a bunch of cars will go by and I'll be forced to hold on until they leave." Sarah said "ok... let's walk a bit more." David could hardly walk by then, but he uncrossed his legs and inched forward, his legs still tightly together. He let out a moan "ohhhh... it's horrible. I don't remember the last time I had to go this badly. It hurts..." Sarah too his hand and said "come on... you'll get to go soon." She led him toward a bank of trees, where he could pee out of sight from the roads. At that moment, his bladder spasmed, and he felt a spurt trying to escape. He grabbed his penis, clamped his peehole shut with his free hand, and moaned. "Hurry... it's gonna come out." Sarah got him behind a tree and said "ok... undo your pants and you can pee." He said "I can't let go of my penis... if I do it's gonna come out in my pants... I hate to ask you this but can you help by undoing my pants?" Sarah was excited although she kept this to herself - she had been fantasizing about this for awhile, and at that moment she hated the fact that David had a girlfriend which prevented her from fully enjoying this. She said "ok... you're going to have to move your hand a bit though, so I can get at your zipper." He moved his hand about a quarter of an inch, still keeping it on his penis, and he fidgeted, trying to keep back the insane volume of liquid that was dying to be released. His bladder, despite being filled way beyond capacity, was still filling with more liquid from his kidneys, and he knew he was either going to start peeing soon or else his bladder would just rip in half from the volume. Sarah managed to undo his zipper and got his boxers down as well, then she said "ok... you're undone now... pee. I'll stay turned around." She turned around but kept watching him out of the corner of her eye, still excited by his situation. He let go of his penis, managed to aim, and a spurt came out, dying to a trickle, then he stopped. "Uh oh..." Sarah turned and said "what?" He said "it's happening again... I have to go soo bad but because it's not a toilet it just won't come out." At this point, his bladder was so full, Sarah could see it bulging under the surface of his skin above his penis. He had to go worse than he ever had. Sarah said "ok... close your eyes, imagine it's not a tree but your toilet at home. You're dying to go as you are now, and you are about to take the best piss of your life. Now close your eyes, and let it go." David closed his eyes, pointed and a stream came out. It flowed for about five seconds, then stopped. He moaned and said "I just can't get it to go. I have to go even more now that I let that out, but it's just not happening." Sarah, sympathetic to his plight and beginning to feel the effects of the water she had drunk, went over to him and said "ok... this time try the same thing as before, but I'll put some light pressure on your bladder with my fingers... it should help." He said "ok... but not too hard... it hurts like a motherfucker right now." Sarah could still see it, bulging up, desperate to be emptied. David closed his eyes, and she took his fingers and barely touched the surface of his skin, pushing only a little on his bladder. David said "owwww I have to pee, owww that hurts careful." Sarah said "sorry... ok now imagine a running faucet behind your toilet... just let the flow out!" She pushed a little harder this time, and with that, a larger spurt came out, then another, then another... then, the flow picked up finally. David was pissing hard now, his expression going from painful to relaxed as the liquid was finally released. It came out, strong and golden, hitting the tree with such force that it made a splattering sound. His kidneys were still pumping hard, and more and more liquid came out, relieving him tremendously. Sarah turned her back to give him some privacy as she counted the seconds on her watch... 30... 40... 60. It was still going after a minute, although it had died down from a hurricane to a more normal flow. It showed no signs of stopping though. Finally, after a minute and a half, it died down to a trickle, but kept going. As he was going, Sarah felt her own bladder filling up and hoped she would relieve herself after he was done. She didn't want to freak him out by going herself, which would likely stop shy David mid-stream. Finally, after two minutes, the last few drops of David's pee dripped out, and he stopped peeing. "Ahhhhh... nothing has ever felt as good as that." Sarah smiled "I guess you feel better eh." He said "yeah... my bladder hurts a little but that should go away... now let's go back to school before I have to go again!" Sarah said "hold on... not so fast, I have to go now and there's no way I'll be able to make it back to school. I'm going where you just went." David was impressed - he had dated Michelle for a year now, and she had never gone to the bathroom in front of him, let alone outside, yet here was this girl who was just a friend, willing to empty her bladder in front of him. He said "sure... I think I can wait." Sarah smiled - she loved to pee in public. She hitched up her skirt, pulled down her panties and squatted. At first nothing happened - although Sarah had no qualms about public peeing, unlike David, she also did not have nearly as full of a bladder, so it took some time for her muscles to relax enough to let it go. Once it did, her stream flowed easily, and she pissed for about 25 seconds before the stream died. She let the last few drops come out, took a Kleenex from her purse, wiped and then threw the Kleenex into the air before pulling up her panties and straightening her skirt. She felt better although probably nowhere near as relieved as David did. She turned to him and smiled. "Well we both saw each other naked and peeing today, how did it feel?" asked David, startling her - he was usually so private! "Well, it was fun for me to watch you, I have to admit... how about you?" He smiled "I enjoyed it... Michelle's great, but she's uptight about those things, so I don't get to see stuff like that normally." They looked at each other for a minute, smiled and continued walking... who was to know what would happen next?
* * *
After writing this, I have to pee soooo badly... but my cell phone just rang and I'm curious to see who it was, so I'm going to hold it for the next while. I'll let you know what happens... see ya!
Monday, June 20th, 2005
11:48 pm
New entry finally
NOTE: The boy who has been my inspiration for watersports fantasies and I have recently split. However, due to my still having some feelings for him, I've decided to continue using him as inspiration until I find someone suitable to replace him.
* * *
Me and D had been out at the bar in the afternoon with some of his friends. There had been drinks, laughs, political debate, and of course, as in any situation involving alcohol, multiple trips to the bathroom. That evening, D and I were heading out to the suburbs of our fine city for a movie night with my best friends, who live out there. The trip from downtown to the burbs takes about 35 minutes by bus, and knowing this, I had been careful not to consume too much alcohol in order to avoid the need for going to the bathroom in the middle of the bus ride. D, meanwhile, had consumed at least 5 glasses of beer, and I had been too busy socializing to remind him of the consequences. Also, I secretly enjoyed it when he really needed the bathroom, although he wasn't totally aware of that yet, as this was a new relationship. I never knew what was coming on that bus ride...
Eventually, we got up to leave. I picked up my 2 bags (I was spending the night at my friend's place so I wouldn't have to travel back from the burbs) and we made our way out, off the terrace and through the bar. We both stopped at the washrooms on our way out, and then headed to the metro, which brought us to our bus stop 2 stops away. Once we got there, we had to run for the bus which was already at the stop, although it didn't end up leaving for another few minutes. We found a double seat toward the back and settled in for the ride. The bus started moving and promptly headed toward the highway, where it stayed for the first 20 minutes before its first stop. During this time, D and I were talking animatedly about our friends and the fun that afternoon. The bus pulled off the highway to its first stop, then continued its usual way along the backroads before hitting the highway once again. By the time the bus got back on the highway toward its next destination in the suburbs, about 25 minutes had passed and D had grown quiet. He stared out the window, and I noticed him crossing his legs a little more tightly than usual. The ride continued, and the bus exited the highway to once again go along the backroads. We were about 15 minutes away from my friends stop at this point. During this time, D had grown more and more fidgety, and his legs were tightly crossed. Sweat was starting to form on his brow. When the bus went over a bump (very common on our lovely Montreal roads), he doubled over and I could see him grab his crotch. I asked him in a whisper "D, do you have to go to the bathroom?" A mixture of embarassment and pain crossed his face, and he answered "yah... I know I went before leaving the bar, but I guess I didn't take you seriously when you said how long this ride is... I never should have had all that beer." I was turned on very much by this, but I could see he was in a visible amount of pain, and I also felt sorry for him. I knew that about 4 stops before my friend's house, there was a McDonald's where we could use the bathroom. We could then take another bus that would actually bring us closer distance to her house, which worked for me. I told him "there's a McDonald's that comes before M's house, we can stop there, you can use their washroom, and we can take another bus to her house". At this point, he looked beyond desperate - his legs were crossed, he had his hand wedged in the space between them, and his face was contorted, as though it was taking all his energy to hold back the flood. He nodded and said "ok... I hate McDonalds but I'll gladly use their bathroom at this point." I said "ok... we're about 10 minutes away now, can you hang on?" He said "I'll try..." Just then we hit another bump in the road, and he doubled over and moaned. "My bladder is beyond full... it hurts like hell. I don't ever remember needing to go this bad." I told him "undo your jeans... it'll take some of the pressure off your bladder, at least until we get off the bus." He nodded and slowly undid his zipper and button. I could actually see his bladder, bulging to the surface of his skin, overfilled beyond all recognition. I told him "relax... take some breaths, we're almost there." I knew he was in unbelievable pain, but I was also turned on by his predicament. Finally, I saw our stop approaching, and I rang for us to get off. I quickly grabbed my bags with one hand, and took his (the one not between his legs) with the other and led him toward the back door of the bus. He could hardly walk with his bladder being as full as it was, and he was bent over at the waist, holding his penis with his other hand. I knew if I didn't get him to the bathroom, he would either get sick from the pain or start peeing his pants. The bus stop is kind of at an angle to the corner where the Mickey D's is, so I led him across the lawn of the church that separates the two. I told him jokingly "you could let it out here." He said "believe me I want to, but knowing my luck a cop would see and arrest me." I didn't respond, just kept leading him toward the McDonald's where his relief was in sight. At this point, watching him so desperate was giving me the urge to empty my own bladder, but I knew I could hold it for a bit. I got him into the parking lot of the Mickey D's, where his bladder must have had a spasm or something, because he doubled over, moaning audibly, and said "hurry... my hand is the only thing keeping it in right now, it's going to come out any second now." I could actually visualize the torrents of pee, trying to push their way down his decent-sized penis and out of his body. I told him "don't worry... we're close. Just hold on a minute longer." I got him into the restaurant, and tugged him gently toward the washrooms, past several staring customers. When we turned toward the men's room, though, his relief was blindsighted - the men's room had a sign on it saying "out of order temporarily. Washrooms available in mall next door." He moaned loudly and said "I can't hold it anymore." I looked at the women's washroom, and thankfully, there was no sign on that door. I told him "you don't have to... you'll come in the women's with me and use that." He said "it's coming out now..." I looked and there was a damp spot on his jeans that was slowly getting bigger. I was beyond turned on but I also had to remain practical for the both of us. I told him "stop peeing for a second... I'll get you in there." He managed to use his hand to clamp down on his muscles, which I knew were tired and desperate for relief, and I opened the ladies room door and pushed him gently in. Miraculously, no one else was in there, and I shoved him into the nearest stall and pushed the seat up for him. He got his jeans down (which had already been undone from the bus ride) and as soon as he removed his hand, an arch emerged from his penis. The stream was so strong it even took him by surprise, but luckily he managed to get it under control and into the toilet. It hit the toilet water full force. It came out so fast that he hadn't even been able to close the door behind him, and it hung open as he peed. As much as I just wanted to watch, I knew he was a very private person when it came to matters of bodily functions, so I did what any good girlfriend would do - I held the door shut for him. He peed and peed, stopped for a second, then continued releasing what sounded like gallons of the stuff, all stored up inside of him, waiting for release. At this point I was standing with my legs crossed, holding the door, my own need growing greater by the second as he continued peeing. His stream never let up, it was still coming out strong and never ending. At this point I was timing it... 30 seconds... 40.... 60... he still wasn't stopping. At 75 seconds he stopped and I thought he was done, but his stream merely became a trickle as more came out of him. Finally, at almost 90 seconds, he stopped, and just moaned, this time with relief and pleasure. I saw him drip-dry, pull up his pants and flush the toilet. He came out, and his face said it all - pain and desperation had turned to relief and happiness. I asked him "are you alright?" He said "yah... my bladder still hurts a bit but... I'm glad that's out of me!" I was so unbelievably turned on I could hardly move, I simply stared. At the same time, my own bladder, which had filled once again, was making its own demands on me. I told him "alright... now I need to use the washroom. You can wait in here or outside, it's up to you." He said "I'll wait in here..." with a slightly mischievous look on his face. I wondered if he had discovered my fetish, and panicked slightly, but my bladder caught my attention as it sent out another warning signal. I went into the stall and realized there was no lock. I was about to come out when he said "I'll hold the door for you." So he did, while I sat on the toilet. It took a few seconds for things to get going, because despite my fetish, I still get shy peeing around other people, especially guys. I concentrated and got a small trickle going. The trickle turned into a flow, and my piss came out of me, spraying the toilet water, and making me feel relieved as well. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling for about 30 seconds or so. I finished, wiped, and came out of the stall to wash my hands. He was staring at me and he said "I have to admit... I enjoyed listening to that. You, on the toilet... nice visual." I was shocked that a guy who was usually so proper would admit this to me. I told him "well... as much as I felt sorry for your predicament, I have to admit I was also incredibly turned on." He looked at me, and smiled. "Well... as much as I want to indulge this now, your friend is going to wonder where we are, and if we miss the movie she will kill us, so let's go." Knowing he was right, I opened the bathroom door, checked to make sure no one was around (I doubt most of McDonald's customers would appreciate a man using the women's washroom, even in an emergency), and seeing no one, motioned for him to follow me. As we headed to the bus going to my friend's house, I knew that fun was coming later...

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Friday, May 13th, 2005
12:11 am
My first pee story - subject to editing and comments
There we were, me and D, alone in his basement room. We had been making out for quite some time. I pulled away and realized he was shifting from foot to foot looking uncomfortable. I asked him “whats wrong?”. He replied, “nothing”. The shifting was growing worse and worse. It suddenly dawned on me – we’d been together 8 hours that day, and he hadn’t even been to the bathroom once, despite drinking a beer, a smoothie and a good amount of water. He was probably dying to go right now. I could picture his bladder, slowly enlarging with the golden liquid that was filling it more and more by the second. I could even see it a bit, bulging ever so slightly just below his belly, probably filled beyond capacity. I said “you have to pee don’t you.” He replied, “yeah a bit”. Just then his bladder had a spasm or something, because he crossed his legs. I said “no not a bit, you really are trying to hold on aren’t you?” He said “yeah, I guess I am, it’s getting kinda hard…”. I replied “well you’re at home, why don’t you just go.” He looked at me and said “I don’t know…” I said “let’s get in the shower…” and lead him there.
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